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What business can I start with 200 dollars

What Business Can I Start With 200 Dollars?


What business can I start with 200 dollars? In this post, we’ll show you some of the profitable and cheapest businesses to start with 200 dollars, number 1 and 2 are highly lucrative. If you want to know how to start a business with 200 dollars, read the full post.

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Starting a business is actually a nice idea, that’s why we created to show you different business opportunities and how to actually start a business both online and offline.

Can I Start A Business With 200 Dollars?

Yes, you can actually start a business with $200. If you have only $200 to startup a business, then checkout the cheapest business to start.

Cheapest Business To Start With 200 Dollars

1.     Create A Blog

create a blog
create a blog

A blog is one of the cheapest businesses which you can start with $200 or even less than $200. All you need to start a business blog is just money to buy a domain and hosting which normally starts from $2.75 if you buy from Hostgator. Remember, we always recommend buying your domain name and hosting from Hostgator, their services are extremely wonderful. For help on how to create a blog on WordPress, read our article on how to create a blog on WordPress.

Here is one of the common questions people ask about blogging: how much money does bloggers make? If you read this article, you’ll how much bloggers earn from blogging.



2.     Affiliate Marketing

Start affiliate marketing
Start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another business you can start with 200 dollars or less. This type of marketing is known as selling other people’s product or service and earns commission in return. The basic thing you need to get started is to learn affiliate marketing skills. The cheapest affiliate marketing course we recommend to you is the Lazy Affiliate Method which will show you all you need to know about affiliate marketing. The Lazy affiliate method course creator is Kekin Fahey, one of the best affiliate marketing coach worldwide and the course is just $27. Read full Lazy affiliate method review and have a clear understanding about the affiliate system.


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3.     Selling Second-hand Clothes

Second-hand clothes require less startup capital which can be up to $200 or less. This is one of the cheapest businesses any one can start.

4.     Barbing Saloon

Starting a small barbing saloon will not require a huge capital to start, once you learn the barbing skill, you can start it up with a less capital. One thing about barbing saloon is that it yields good profit but it doesn’t appear as a good business in the eyes of people. Those who are into barbing are making good money on daily basis.

5.     Start Teaching Online

teach online
teach online

This may require a startup capital if you want to build your own online teaching portal but if you want to make use of already existing portal like and, you may not spend money unless it requires a registration fee.

6.     Build Mobile Apps For Clients

Mobile apps are greatly increasing and you can make good money from it if you’re an expert in developing a mobile app. The good thing here is that it may require just your knowledge to start it, your clients will pay the bill.

Conclusion On What Business Can I Start With 200 Dollars

Below are the 6 businesses which you can start with $200

  • Create a blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Teaching online
  • Selling second-hand clothes
  • Build Mobile Apps for clients
  • Barbing saloon

Thanks for reading this post and we hope that this post helped you to know some businesses you can start with 200 dollars. Leave your comment in the comment section to show us that you really enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to share with your friends on Social Medias.

What else are you waiting for? Start a business with 200 dollars today. We’ve shown you some cheap and profitable businesses to start.


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