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Small Scale Industries In China 2022


Do you want to start a small scale business in China? In today’s post, you’ll see top 20 small scale industries in China 2022.

China is known for inventing technologies and there are other businesses you can do in China to earn a living. Anyone can start a small scale industry in China and run it successfully.

Without wasting much time, let’s see the top 20 small scale industries in China 2022.

Top 20 Small Scale Industries In China 2022

  • #1. Importation and Exportation business

Most of the items used worldwide is manufactured in China. And raw materials for production are shipped in almost every day in China. So, importation and exportation of goods can be a good small scale business idea in China.

  • #2. Supply of health products

Health products are very popular in China, this automatically made them one of the best health product suppliers. So, health product supply is one of the small scale industries in China. Yes, if you can produce or sell pharmaceutical items like dietary supplements, gloves, gown for hospitals etc, it’s a good business idea.

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  • #3. Importation of crude oil

Crude oil is very important in every country and in high demand too. So as a China small scale industry, crude oil importation is a good business idea to start.



  • #4. Give virtual assistant a trial

Virtual assistance will even give you the opportunity to work from home. You won’t start thinking on how to spend money to get a shop for your business. This is really a great small business idea in China that will earn you thousands of dollars.


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  • #5. Production of household items

Household items are high in demand worldwide and China is known for producing household items. Not just that, their items are well designed in such a way to attract people to buy it. So starting the production of household items in China is a good business idea. There might be much competition in this business but you have to join the competition.

  • #6. Production of Beauty and Skincare products

In this 21st century, people are very conscious of their skin. This has greatly increased the demand of beauty and skincare products. As an Entrepreneur in China, producing beauty and skincare products is a good small scale business idea to start. Once you know exactly the type of beauty product that people want, you make the demand available.

For a start, you can produce it in your home, then distribute to people.  This is a very hot market if you can meet people’s demand. Once you build your customer base, your business will grow even more because people will start recommending your products.

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  • #7. Exportation of mobile phone and accessories
China small scale industries
exportation of mobile phone

China is one of the countries that produce mobile phones. In china, you can buy mobile phones at cheaper rates. So, starting mobile phone exportation is a great business idea in China. Also, it’s one of the small scale industries in China 2022.

  • #8. Production of bags

If you’re talking about the small scale industries in China, you can’t forget to mention bags production. China is one of the countries that produce beautiful bags with good designs.  This is good China small scale business you can start as an entrepreneur.

  • #9. Production of shoes

In the same way, China produces good and beautiful shoes. So you can start this business in China and make money for yourself as an entrepreneur. To be honest with you, people like buying made in China products, so this is a good advantage for you to start producing / selling made in China shoes.

  • #10.  Jewelries production

Jewelry production is another good business you can start. But before you can start this type of business, you need to learn how to produce the jewelry. As an entrepreneur, jewelry production is a good business idea.

  • #11. Small-scale food production

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy clothes, shoes or beautiful wrist watches, you must eat. This is the reason why small-scale food production can be a printable venture.

Bottom line: No matter what you do, you must have to eat.

  • #12. Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a very profitable business you can start, not only in China, but anywhere in the world. You just need to meet a producer or supplier and arrange the business procedure. You can do this business using an online store. Most people are making thousands of dollars daily through drop shipping alone.

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  • #13. Used car business

This is quite a popular business. Most people usually change their cars after making use of it for some months. Anyone can use this opportunity to start used car business. It’s one of the small scale industries in China.

  • #14. Selling of electronic devices

This is another popular business in China. As an entrepreneur in China, you can start selling electronic devices and make money for yourself.

  • #15. Teaching English language

Most people in China need to learn how to speak English language which they’ll use to communicate with their customers. You can take up this business and make money as an entrepreneur.

  • #16. Online Marketing

Have you thought of starting online marketing? This is really a profitable venture. Most Companies and individuals need online marketers to handle their online marketing campaigns. For you to do this business, you must have online marketing skills. You’ll need to learn Facebook Ads skill, Google ads, Youtube ads, etc.

  • #17. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products or services and get a commission in return. This can be one of the easiest ways to make money online as an entrepreneur. If you learn affiliate marketing skill, you can be making close to $1,000 and $2,000 per day.

If you need help in learning affiliate marketing skill and starting a profitable affiliate marketing business, we recommend you check out the lazy affiliate method. It’s a done for you affiliate marketing system that’ll teach you affiliate marketing from scratch.

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  • #18. Selling used electronics

Used electronics can be cheaper; this will attract people to buy it. In fact, used electronics is one of the small scale businesses in China and worldwide.

  • #19. Exportation of leather products

Leather products are very profitable. If you can start exporting leather products to other countries, you’ll make good profit doing that. It’s a good business idea to look into.

  • #20. Freelancing

Freelancing is another great way to make money online. All you do to make money is to render your skill as a service. There are websites where you can register and start rendering your services and getting paid. You can check out,,,, etc.

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Here is the recap on the top 20 small scale industries in China 2022

  • Importation and exportation business
  • Supply of health products
  • Importation of crude oil
  • Virtual assistant
  • Production of household items
  • Beauty and Skincare products
  • Exportation of mobile phone and accessories
  • Production of bags
  • Production of shoes
  • Jewelries production
  • Small-scale food production
  • Dropshipping business
  • Used car business
  • Selling of electronic devices
  • Teaching English language
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling used electronics
  • Exportation of leather products
  • Freelancing

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It’s now your turn. Which other China small scale business can one start? Leave your answer in the comment section.

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