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Passive Income Ideas for Freelance Workers

Passive Income Ideas for Freelance Workers 2022


Freelance passive income ideas for freelancers 2022.

While freelancing can be great in a lot of ways, it can also get exhausting, since the hustle never seems to end. And while being your own boss can be empowering, the fact remains that the free time you supposedly enjoy is often filled up with the work of, essentially, finding more work. This can take a lot of the joy out of the whole equation. One way you can give yourself a little less work and a little more flexibility might be to set up passive income sources. Here’s some advice about how to do that from EntrepreneurTipsBlog.

What is passive income?

Passive income is pretty much exactly what it sounds like income you acquire without having to put ongoing effort into earning it. This may seem like an impossible dream, of course — and, if you think you can achieve passive income with no up-front effort, it probably is. The key to a healthy passive income stream is that you put the work into setting it up upfront so that it continues to flow after you’ve put the initial effort in.

Passive Income Ideas for Freelance Workers
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Common passive income sources: Freelance Passive Income

People bring in passive income in a variety of ways: through owning stocks and shares, through rental properties, or sometimes even through owning a business. As a freelancer, you may not be in a position to buy shares or purchase a rental property. This doesn’t mean you can’t create passive income revenues for yourself, as long as you are willing to put in the work required. So here are some passive income ideas for freelancers.



Create a digital product


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The great thing about selling a digital product is that once you have put the effort into creating something that there’s a demand for, you can offer use or access to the product online, for a small fee. And those small fees add up. Some digital products to consider include access to written content, image use, music and audio, software applications, video, themes, and graphics. You don’t have to be a digital expert to sell a digital product, either. You just need to know how to upload a product and make it available for sale.

Write an eBook

Another great way to bring in passive income is to write and self-publish an eBook. Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing online doesn’t require finding an agent or publisher. And unlike self-publishing a print book, putting an eBook out there can be extremely affordable. Look into the types of eBooks that tend to do well on the market and see which genre might suit your talents. If you need more guidance on publishing, there are websites that can help you with a variety of resources and courses.

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Create an online course

If you’re thinking, “but I’m not a teacher” — stop and ask yourself whether you have important and marketable skills that you could share with others. This could range from money management to gardening to decluttering to health and fitness. What are you good at? How did you get good at it? You may be able to craft a fascinating online course on that basis.

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How to find freelance work

If you’re looking for ways to bring in new freelance clients, and generate more revenue through your freelancing, you can advertise your skills and services widely and for free using social media. You can also create a loyalty program where you offer discounts to customers who come back and who recommend your services. Also, there are quite a few online job boards for freelancers where you can post your rates and services.

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Financial management for freelancers

As a freelancer, you should keep a meticulous financial record of your income and expenses. If you’re worried about customers delaying payment, it may help to be prepared with an invoice template. Keep your template looking professional, with your freelance logo and business information, so they will take it more seriously. You’ll need to know the regulations on tax filing, too. For instance, if you are bringing in $400 or more in freelance earnings, you are required to file with the IRS, since you will need to pay a self-employment tax.

It’s often wise when working as a freelancer to regard yourself and your services as a business. This doesn’t have to be a thought experiment, however — using a formation service to create a limited liability company (LLC) can help lower your tax obligations. An online service will help walk you through each step, including choosing a registered agent, to set up your LLC. Once complete, you’ll be a business.

Passive income isn’t something you can just wave your wand and magically create. However, it can be a valuable and profitable outgrowth of a robust freelancing business. And setting up passive income will give you less stress and more time as well as additional funds to work with.


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