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How To Start A Business With No Money As A Teenager 2022


Can teenagers really start a business with no money? In this post, we’ll show you how to start a business with no money as a teenager. Ensure to read this article carefully and discover how to start your own business as a teenager even without money.

As a teenager, you may not have the money to start up any business but you really have the ambition of starting a business, we’ll show you exactly how to start a small business as a teen.

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Should I Start A Business As A Teenager?

Everyone needs to build a career and it usually starts from teen age, it’s actually the best time to start building your business so that you’ll have a successful business in the future. With that been said, let’s see how to start a business with no money as a teenager.

How To Start A Business With No Money As A Teenager

How To Start A Business With No Money As A Teenager

#1. Discover What You’re Good At And Turn It Into A Business

There is a special skill you are good at and love doing, you can actually turn that skill into a full time business.

For instance, as a teenager who has a writing skill, you can become a freelancer and offer your writing skill as a service and get paid by your clients. If you’re “good at marketing”, you can become an affiliate marketer and promote your affiliate products on Quora. Read our Quora affiliate marketing guide for more help on how to promote affiliate products on Quora.



Once you’ve discovered that special skill you have, go ahead and turn it to a full time business. That skill will fetch you some dollars, you could be making $500-$1000 every month if you’re really serious.


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#2. Turn Your House Chores Into A Paid Service

teenager business plan
teenager business plan

Have you thought of turning your house chores into a paid service? That’s a good business idea to start, all you need to do is to locate people who need that particular service and willing to pay for it, then take up the job and get paid while doing it.

The most interesting part of this is that you’re not spending any cash to start your business as a teenager. You can always scale up your business as your small business grows.

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Do I Need A Business Plan To Start A Small Business As A Teenager?

The two business ideas mentioned in this post may not really require writing a business plan; your focus should be the zeal to do the work at all time.

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Conclusion: How To Start Your Own Business As A Teenager With No Money

If you’re still asking, how can I start my own business as a teenager, we’ve shown you the best ways to start a business as a teenager with no money. Below is the recap.

  • Discover what you’re good at and turn it into a business
  • Turn chores into a paid service

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and we know that it has helped you discover how to start a business without money as a teenager.

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