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Expertnaire affiliate marketing

How To Register On Expertnaire 2023


Expertnaire affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate network in Nigeria which gives affiliates the opportunity to make money online. In this post, you’ll see how to register on Expertnaire in 2023.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are many networks you can register with and start promoting their products. Some of these networks include,,,,, etc.

Most of these affiliate networks listed here are foreign networks while Expertnaire is for Nigerians. is a good competitor to Expertnaire and it’s also designed for Nigerians.

What Is Expertnaire?

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About Expertnaire

It’s an affiliate marketing network designed for Nigerians which allows people to promote and sell affiliate products and earn commission in return.

This is owned by one of the best internet marketers in Nigeria named Toyin Omotosho.

If you want to check out the website, you can go to But if you really want to succeed, don’t register directly on the website, keep reading to find out the best way to register an account.



How Much Does It Costs To Start Expertnaire?

The truth is that Expertnaire registration is not free, you need to pay to get access to start making money from the website. It costs 10,000 Naira to register an account on the network and 62,500 Naira if you’re creating an account through 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint/Implementation Program.


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The 2 Ways To Register On Expertnaire In 2023

  • Registering Directly On The Website (Not Recommended)

You can join directly on the website but this is not recommended if you really want to make money online from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

If you choose to register directly on the website, you’ll need to pay 10,000 Naira for your registration. Note, it’s a recurring payment, so you need to renew your subscription each month.

  • Registering Through Purchasing The 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint/ Implementation Program (Recommended)

Yes, this is the recommended way to register on Expertnaire in 2023. For you to succeed in this business, you need to learn all affiliate marketing secret and how to scale your online business.

What we recommend you do is to purchase the Blueprint or locate a person who can mentor you, this will give you a higher chance of success than registering directly on the website.

If you have time, you can read this post on 25 things to do after purchasing the 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint, it’s an article by Dayo Adetiloye of


Expertnaire affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online in Nigeria but you actually need a mentor who’ll show you how to succeed in the business.

If you try doing it by your self, you may not even make any affiliate sale, there by wasting your money, time and energy. So make your decision wisely.

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