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How To Make Money With ShareASale Affiliate Program 2022/2023


In this ShareASale affiliate review, we’ll show you how to make money with ShareASale affiliate program. This is the best ShareAsale review you’ll ever see on the internet. Don’t forget to like and share this Shareasale tutorial on Social Medias.

Before we show you ShareAsale affiliate sign up process, you need to understand what ShareAsale really is and how it works.

You already know what affiliate marketing is, right? Let’s throw more light on that before we proceed.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing that enables you promote other people’s product or service and earns commission for each sale.

We’ve just given you the basic explanation of affiliate marketing, so keep in mind that you don’t have to own your own product before you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, let’s go ahead and tell you what ShareAsale is.



What Is ShareASale?


ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks in USA. It has a good number of affiliates who promote products on the website and merchants who advertise their businesses on the website.


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One thing we love about ShareAsale is that it has good number of CPA offers which you can promote as an affiliate and get paid. This means that you’re not selling anything, you just need to get people to complete a form and you get paid once they do that successfully.

In conclusion, ShareAsale accommodates both merchants and affiliates.

Shareasale How It Works

It’s simple, all you need is to sign up an account with them, search for merchants and join their affiliate programs then start promoting their affiliate offers.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ShareAsale?

Joining ShareAsale is totally free; you don’t need any registration fee to join ShareAsale. To make the most amount of money from ShareAsale affiliate program, you just need a blog/website. You need to create a website to make it easier to promote ShareAsale offers.

How To Make Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Program – ShareAsale Affiliate Review

There are two major ways to earn from ShareAsale affiliate marketing, pay per lead and pay per sale. Let’s explain further.

·        Make Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Program Through Pay Per Lead

Just as the name implies, you earn money from ShareAsale when people complete a form, this is also known as CPA marketing. In this form of marketing, you don’t actually have to sell anything, just get people to complete a form and you get paid upon completion.

Most people are using pay per lead to make serious money from ShareAsale. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to get pay per lead offers on ShareAsale.

·        Make Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Program Through Pay Per Sale

Just as the name implies, you make money from ShareAsale when people buy a product through your affiliate link.

There are many merchants on ShareAsale that you can work with by applying to promote their products. We’ll show you how to find these merchants, just keep reading.

How Do I Become A ShareAsale Affiliate? – ShareAsale Affiliate Sign Up

ShareAsale Sign up process is very straight forward, follow the simple steps below and sign up on ShareAsale Affiliate Program.


ShareAsale website information
ShareAsale website information details
  • Enter your email address
shareasale email address
Enter your shareasale email address
  • Confirm your email address
  • Enter your contact information
  • Select your payment method

Once you complete all these steps, your account will need to be approved before you can start promoting any product or offer on ShareAsale. According to ShareAsale, it takes minimum of 3 business days to approve your application, so keep an eye to your email address.

ShareAsale Affiliate Login – How To Login To ShareAsale Affiliate Dashboard

To login to ShareAsale affiliate dashboard, go to ShareAsale affiliate login page at and login to your affiliate account. Don’t forget, join ShareSAsale Affiliate from here. Then go to Shareasale affiliate login page and login to your Shareasale account.

Tips To Help You Make More Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Program

·        Write A ShareAsale Affiliate Review

A review article works best in promoting any product or service, but for you to write a review article, you need to own a blog.

Have you seen why a blog is very essential for your online business? In fact, blogging is said to be the mother of all online businesses. Learn how to create a blog on WordPress.

A review article is simply writing all you know about a particular program, it should be compelling enough to get people to interact with your review article.

Take for instance, our article on Lazy Affiliate Method Review is a complete review and why you should start using Lazy Affiliate Method. We hope you now understand what writing a review article is all about.

·        Use Banners To Promote ShareAsale

Another good way to make money fast from ShareAsale is to use banners to promote the program. ShareAsale provide you with different promotion methods which banner is include. You can copy the html code of each banner you want and place it on your blog.  You have also seen that you can’t do online business effectively without a blog.

·        Promote ShareAsale Using Email Marketing

No doubt, email marketing is a good way to promote any product or service. In our experience, Getresponse email marketing service works best in terms of promoting offers through email marketing. You can try Getresponse free for 30 days.

·        Use Social Media To Promote ShareAsale Offers

Social media marketing is yet another good means of promoting affiliate offers. Build a strong social media profile, that’s if you don’t already have one. Get your ShareAsale affiliate link and start promoting using social media marketing.

For help on building a strong social media profile, read the 10 elements of a successful social media profile. The article was written by Neil Patel of

·        Promote Using Quora

Quora affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Promote your affiliate links on Quora to get leads or sales, depending on the offer you’re promoting.

Remember, there are many merchants on ShareAsale, find as many merchants as you can and request to promote their offers.

How To Get Paid On ShareAsale – Shareasale Payment Method

There are many ways to receive your payment from ShareAsale, below are the different ShareAsale payment methods

ShareAsale payment methods
payment methods on ShareAsale

How To Find Merchants And Request To Promote Their Products On ShareAsale

  • Login to your affiliate dashboard
  • Click on “merchants”
  • Click “search for merchants”
  • You’ll see the list of merchants
how to make money with shareasale affiliate program
merchants on Shareasale
  • Request to promote their product by clicking “join program” beside the merchant you want
  • Agree to the program terms by checking the box
  • Write how you plan to promote the product
  • Click “join this program”.

How To Find Pay Per Lead Offers – CPA Offers

  • Login to your ShareAsale affiliate account
  • Click on “Merchants”
  • On the merchant’s page, click modify search
how to make money with sghareAsale affiliate program
Modify search
  • Select pay per lead{CPA}
pay per lead
pay per lead
  • Now, click the white back arrow to go back, then click go.

You’ll see the list of pay per lead offers. Some of the offers will pay you $10, $20, $45 per lead and so on.

shareAsale affiliate review
shareAsale affiliate review – pay per lead offers{CPA}

How To Get Your Affiliate Links On ShareASale

  • Once you’re loged in to your account
  • Click on links
  • Get a link/banner
  • You’ll see your affiliate link, copy and start promoting.

Is Shareasale Legit Or Scam?

Shareasale is legit and not scam. We know that most people want an answer to this question,  is Shareasale legit? Kindly know that Shareasale is 100% legit affiliate network.

Conclusion: How To Make Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Program

ShareASale affiliate program is a very good way to make money online from any part of the world. You can join the program from any part of the country.

We hope this post has shown you exactly how to make money with ShareASale affiliate program and how to become a ShareASale affiliate.

We’re sure that you got good value from this article, kindly share with others on Social Medias. Subscribe to for more interesting articles like this one.

Are you already registered on ShareASale affiliate program? kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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