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How to create a pet business website

How To Create A Pet Business Website [2022]


An online pet supply business is a very profitable business when done the right way. In this post, we’ll show you how to create a pet business website and grow it to start generating over $2,000 a month.

We already showed you a pet shop business plan sample template and how to start a dog food company, so this post will be all about creating a pet business website for your pet business.

Why My Pet Business Needs A Website

A website is a good online tool which is used to market a product or service. For your pet business to gain more exposure and make more sales, it needs to be seen by a large number of people from different regions.

Another reason why you should create a pet business website is to make it easier for online customers to find you. It’ll also help you to be on top of your competitors.

Now, how do I create a pet website? See below, how to create a website for your pet supply store.

What You Should Include On Your Pet Business Website

For your pet website to look professional, you should include the most important pages on your website. Below are the important pages that should be visible on your pet website.



·         Home Page

·         About Us Page

·         Contact Page

·         Customer Testimonies and Reviews

·         Blog {For Writing Attractive Contents To Drive Traffic To Your Website}

So before you start creating a website for your pet business, it’s important to write these pages and have them ready.


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How To Create A Pet Business Website

pet business website

Now let’s see how to create a website for your business.

Figure Out The Categories Of Pet Supply Business To Stick With

When it comes to pet business, there are many categories and you might probably not sell all the categories. So, carefully select the categories you want such as dog food, cat food, etc.

My Brand Pet Business Name: Choose A Suitable Brand Name For Your Pet Website

Based on your chosen categories, choose a good brand pet business name for your website. You need to go for a name that’ll be easier to pronounce so that people will always find it easier to remember your business name.

Choose A Perfect Domain Name And Best Hosting

Choosing a perfect domain name and hosting is one of the important aspects of your business. You need to come up with a short domain name so that people will always remember it. And as for the best hosting for a pet business website, we recommend Namecheap  and Hostgator. Purchase your Domain and hosting from Namecheap or Hostgator and enjoy the best services ever.

While Namecheap and Hostgator are the best hosting for news website, they’re also the best hosting for any kind of website. You’ll definitely enjoy top-notch service from both hosting providers.

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Create Your Website On WordPress

WordPress is the best platform to create your website. Read how to create a WordPress website step by step. Follow the simple steps and get your WordPress website ready in minutes.

Install WooCommerce

how to create a pet business website
install WooCommerce

You need where to display your products on your website, you can’t do that without an E-commerce plugin. Install and activate WooCommerce on your pet business website and use it to display your products on your website.

Follow the easy setup wizard and set up your online store correctly.  WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins to create an E-commerce website.

Create/Display Your Products

Your WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated successfully, and you’ve also configured it, start creating your products and have them displayed on your website for people to see it and buy from you.

Now that your pet business website is fully functional, you still need to promote it to make at least $2,000 a day. Remember, pet business is a very profitable business in the United States of America.

How To Earn Over $2,000 A Month From Your Pet Business Website

·         Online Pet Store SEO

pet store SEO
Online Pet store SEO

What is online pet store SEO? Online pet store SEO is the process of getting your pet business website to be visible on Google. Doing this will enable your website get free organic traffic from search engines.

SEO can take time before it starts giving you the good result you need. For a better understanding about SEO and how to do it the right way, Brain Dean has a detailed SEO tutorial where you can learn SEO fast on

Start learning SEO and acquire SEO skills, then use the skills you acquired to optimize your pet website for SEO. Once your website starts getting organic traffic, you have all the chances of making over $2,000 per month. Organic traffic is the best and quality traffic that will earn you the most amount of money.

·         Promote Your Pet Website With Paid Advertising

Unlike free traffic, paid advertising can be your best option for fast results. If you have enough funds, then you can try paid advertising. Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and Google Ads are best options to go for. Again, if you have a good social media marketing skill, you can promote your pet website using the power of social media and earn at least $2,000 a month from your pet business.

Conclusion On How To Create A Pet Business Website 2022

A pet shop is a lucrative business in the United States, for you to make the most amount of money from pet business, you need a website. We have shown you how to create website for pets business, so go now and create your own today.

Don’t forget, for you to make over $2,000 from your pet business website, do a good pet store SEO and also try any of the paid advertising.

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