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Learn Smartphone video editing skill

How Profitable Is Video Editing With Smartphone? [2022 Update]


Is video editing profitable? How profitable is video editing? Can video editing be done with a Smartphone? Starting a video editing business with Smartphone 2022. Video editing how to do it with Smartphone and make money.

According to Wondershare Repairit’s answer on Quora, one of the main benefits of video editing skills is that it’s highly profitable.

Now, according to, a video editor’s average salary in the United States is $22.32 per hour, as of the time of writing this post. As you can see, a video editor can actually make over $60,000 per annum; this is to tell you how lucrative video editing business is.

For Nigerians, a video editor can make around 230,000 naira per month. This is to say that starting a video editing business in any part of the country is very profitable because it’s now one of the best marketing channels to promote a business.

The best part of this is that you can actually do video editing business with your Smartphone and make a full time income online and offline. If you don’t know how to edit videos as a professional using your Smartphone, don’t worry, you’ll see how to become a professional Smartphone video editor.

Most people don’t really know that they can start a profitable Smartphone video editing business from home without having a computer or laptop. Below are some important benefits of using your mobile phone for video editing business.



how profitable is video editing
Is video editing profitable

Benefits Of Starting A Video Editing Business With Smartphone

·         Video Editing Is One Of The Highest Paying Fiverr Gigs

start mobile phone video creation
see some freelancers offering this as a service on

As a freelancer, you can make good money editing videos hence it’s one of the highest paying Fiverr gigs. There are many freelancers who are already offering mobile phone video editing services on other freelancing websites like,,


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A lot of marketers are always ready to hire video editor for their business. As a professional video editor, you can offer this service to them and make real money in return.

·         You Can Get Virtual Assistant Video Editing Jobs

Yes, you can work from home as a virtual assistant video editor. Virtual assistant is really a good source of online income which you can do from home.

·         YouTubers Are Always Ready To Hire Video Editor For YouTube Videos

There are many YouTubers out there who want to hire video editor for YouTube videos; this is a job that can earn you consistent income since they’ll be making a lot of videos for their YouTube channel. Videos have been proven to be an effective way of promoting businesses. Therefore, you can get paid to edit videos for YouTubers.

·         Best Chairs For Video Editing Are Not For You

Those who do video editing business with computer or laptop always look for best chairs for video editing; this is because they’ll need to sit comfortably while editing their videos. But in your own case, you don’t need that.

Now, for you to start a video editing business, the only thing you need is the right knowledge. What you should do is to learn Smartphone video editing skill and turn your skill into a money making machine.

How To start Smartphone Video Editing: Where To Learn Smartphone Video Editing Skill

is video editing profitable
Learn Smartphone video editing skill

To learn how to do video editing using your Smartphone, we’ve hand-picked a well detailed training that’ll teach you how to become a professional Smartphone video editor. You’ll learn all you need to become a professional video editor.

Check out Full Pack Smartphone Video Editing Course.

Tips To Get Clients For Your Video Editing Business Fast

·         Join Freelancing Websites

You now know how to create and edit professional videos using your Smartphone; it’s time to make some money. Join as many freelancing websites as possible and ensure to create professional looking profile. Clients want to work with professionals. Also ensure to use attractive images on your gigs to attract clients.

·         Create Your Own Freelance Video Editing Website

One thing you should always have as a freelancer is your own personal online portfolio. So ensure to create your own freelance video editing website and let your clients know about it. They can easily reach out to you through your freelance video editing website. Search for other freelance video editing websites and see how they structured their own online portfolio and try to copy them.

video editor website
create your video editor website

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·         Start A YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can make it easier to get more clients since you’ll also be showcasing your professional videos on your YouTube channel. Do not ignore this method because it’ll help you get more clients.

·         Paid Ads

If you want to spend some money on advertising, then you can try paid advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.

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how to start video editing business


How much does video editing cost?

There’s no fixed price in video editing business, everyone charge according to their level of expertise. You can decide to charge $20-$50 per video depending the video duration.

Conclusion: How Profitable Is Video Editing With Smartphone? – Is Video Editing Profitable?

Yes, video editing is a very profitable business that can earn you good amount of money on hourly basis. For you to become a professional Smartphone video editor, learn how to create videos using Smartphone. Starting a video editing business with Smartphone is easy if you have video editing knowledge.

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