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How profitable is fish farming

How Profitable Is Fish Farming?


How profitable is fish farming. Fish farming is a profitable business in the agricultural sector. In fact, most people are going into this business because it’s a profitable venture.

According to, the global fish production amounted to 174.6 million metric tons in 2020, up from 148.1 million metric tons in 2010.

If you want to start a fish farm, in this post, we’ll discuss about how to start a profitable fish farm. So let’s see how to do that right away.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farm {Step By Step Process}

  • #1. Get a land or where you want to use for your fish farm

You need to buy or rent a land for your fish pond. Get a sizeable land depending on your budget. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a land for your fish farm, find a small place to get started. You can always expand it later.

a land for fish farming business
get a land for your fish farming

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  • #2. Build your fish pond

After securing a land for your fish farm, construct your pond. You may need a service of an expert to that for you. If you can’t pay an expert to do that for you, you can meet people who are already in the business and ask them the requirements. So you can get the requirements and try doing it yourself. But the service of an expert is highly recommended.

is fish farming lucrative

  • #3. Make sure to have a water source available

Fish farming is profitable but when you don’t have constant supply of water, the reverse may be your case. So make sure you have a water source available for your fish farm. Borehole and river water is good for your fish farm.



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  • #4. A water tank will be useful

Getting a tank will make it easier to pass water to your fish fond. So consider buying a water tank.


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  • #5. Buy your fish

After setting up your pond, you can now buy your catfish or tilapia. Locate a good fish farmer in your area and buy from him.

how profitable is fish farming
How profitable is fish farming

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  • #6. Learn the fish farming skills

In fact, this should be the first on the list. You need a proper training on fish farming before you even start it up. So you can meet a good fish farmer in your area and learn from him.

Is Fish Farm a Lucrative Business To Start?

Fish farming is very profitable. It all depends on the size of your business. Some make more profit than others. Bigger fish ponds will definitely make more profit when compared to smaller fish ponds. That’s basically what business is for you.

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Conclusion: How Profitable Is Fish Farming?

The bottom line is that bigger fish ponds tend to make more profit than smaller fish ponds. According to Taizy Machine’s answer on, she said that to make more money from fish farming, one needs to build more ponds. Hope this helps.

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