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How to get a clown license

Clown License – How To Get A Clown License And Become Certified Clown


If you want to become a professional clown, here is how to get a clown license in 2022. since u wanna be a clown take this certified clown lisence article as important topic.

According to profitable venture, a professional clown in the United States of America makes between the average of $47,297 and $87,382 each year. This is to tell you that clown business is a very profitable one only if you’re a professional in the field.

Before we continue, let’s first know who a clown is, this will help you understand this post very well.

How would you describe a clown?

A clown is a comic entertainer, he usually wear a traditional costume and make-up. In other words, you can call him a comedian.

Now that you know who a clown is, we’ll go ahead to discuss how to get a clown license and become a professional clown in 2022.

Clown License Meaning

Clown license simply means a signed document or paper that gives you the authority to carry out your clown work anywhere. This is the simple definition of a clown license.



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How To Get A Clown License

There is no specific certified clown license to obtain for your clown business. Therefore, all you need is the professional skill in the field. If you’re a funny type or you can perform on stage without inferiority complex, then you can start a clown business and make good money for yourself.


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So, we’re going to show you the simple steps to take and become a professional clown.

How To Become A Certified / Professional Clown: How To Start A Clown Business 2022

  • #1. Choose a unique name for your clown business

Choosing a unique name for your clown business will help people easily identify you. This is your brand name and could probably be a funny name. If you choose a funny name, at the mention of it, people will be amazed even before you start performing on stage. So your unique name is very important for your clown business.

  • #2. Develop a unique style

When performing on stage, have one specific style that you’ll always exhibit. This unique style will be memorable in people’s mind. Whenever they hear your name, they’ll quickly recall your unique style. This makes you different from other people.

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  • #3. Develop your skills

You need to develop your skills and improve better. People usually like watching clowns who really know what they’re doing. We recommend you join some groups that teach clown skills. You can also check if there is any clown school near you that teach how to improve your clown skills. Also try searching for “clown school near me” on Google; you should see some clown schools online. To help you further, check out this list of clown schools in the United States.

  • #4. Purchase your equipment

You have to purchase your costumes which include your traditional wears, make-up, etc. These equipment are very essential for your clown business.

  • #5. Gather small group of people and practice your performance

Before you go out to fully start your clown business, you can consider gathering small group of people and practice your performance for them. You need to make sure that you’re performing it as if it’s a real stage performance. Tell them to outline what you need to improve. Once you do this, you’ll surely get some recommendations on how to improve your skills.

clown license
clown license

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How Much Do Clowns Get Paid Per Day?

This really varies depending on each person’s clown skills. According to Sage Viniconis answer on, he said that he has been a professional clown entertainer since 1999 and his rates vary depending on the event and services requested. He added that his scale ranges from$500-$100 an hour.

So as you can see, being a professional clown can earn you between $100 and $500.

Conclusion On How To Get A Clown License And Become A Professional Clown In 2022

Here is the recap on all we have said on how to become a certified clown. If you want to know how to get a clown license and how to become a real clown, below is the breakdown:

  • Choose a unique name for your clown business
  • Develop a unique style
  • Develop your skills
  • Purchase your equipment
  • Gather small group of people and practice your performance

Hope this post helped you on how to become a professional clown and make good money as a clown entertainer.

Now over to you, if you’re a clown, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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