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best hosting for news website

Best Hosting For News Website 2022


Your news website will probably not succeed if you don’t have the best hosting for news website. You really need a strong web hosting for news website in 2022. Hosting news website on a strong server is highly recommended.

As a news website owner, you need to get your readers to fall in love with your articles and make them to always come back for more. But your readers might not come back to read the news you published if your news website is not responsive. Your readers will definitely look for other alternatives and that is what you really don’t want to happen, right?

This is one of the reasons why you need to host your news website on the best hosting for news website.

The Main Factor To Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting For WordPress News Website

Talking about the best news web hosting, what are the factors you should consider when choosing a web hosting for your news site?

There are many factors to look out for when choosing a hosting company for your news site but uptime is the most important factor to consider.

Your website needs to be online 24/7 so that you don’t lose your website visitors to your competitors.



At this point, you might be asking, which hosting is best for news website? The best web hosting that guarantees about 99% uptime.  Don’t worry; we’ll tell you the best news hosting sites in this article.


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Which Hosting Is Best For News Website? – Best Web Hosting Entrepreneurs Love: (Web Hosting News)


best hosting for news website
best hosting for news website

This is the question every aspiring news website owner want to get the answer to.

We’re going to make this list starting from the less recommended hosting company. This means that the last one on the list is highly recommended.

The first best hosting for news website on this list is Bluehost web hosting.

There are many reasons why you should choose Bluehost web hosting service for your news blog which include 30 day money back guarantee, uptime, affordable price, etc.

This might not be your first time of hearing about Bluehost, try Bluehost today and you’ll be happy with their awesome services.

  • Bluehost Web Hosting

bluehost web hosting

Look no further, while WordPress is the best platform for news website, Bluehost is the best web hosting for a news website. Even WordPress itself recommends Bluehost as the best web hosting for WordPress websites.

Bluehost pricing starts from $2.95 per month.

Want to host your news website on Bluehost today? Go to and purchase your hosting.

For help on how to create your own WordPress website in minutes, read our detailed guide on how to create a website on WordPress.

The next good webhosting company you can host news website is Namecheap.

Namecheap hosting

Namecheap has over 2 million customers enjoying their awesome services. We highly recommend Namecheap because their hosting is very reliable and you’ll get good value for your money. We believe that you must have known about Namecheap before now just that you’ve not given it a trial. Name cheap is one of the respected brands in terms of web hosting services.

Key Namecheap Features We Love

  • Very affordable hosting plans. You can start with as low as $2.18 per month
  • You can host 3 websites with their least plan which is the Stellar.
  • 20GB SSD
  • Free SSL Certicicate

We highly recommend Namecheap, you can get one hosting plan and host multiple websites, that’s amazing.

Start using Namecheap today. Click here and purchase your hosting from Namecheap.

The next best hosting for news website is HostGator.


HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs and also a free domain for one year.

HostGator pricing starts from $2.75 per month. We believe that this pricing is very affordable even for people operating on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for the more affordable hosting service, then Hostgator and Namecheap are the best options to go for.

Millions of websites are already hosted on HostGator and still counting. One thing we love about HostGator is their 24/7 support. Whenever you request for support, you’ll be attended to immediately.

Hostgator and Namecheap are our best recommended webhosting for any news website.

Start using HostGator today. Click here and purchase your hosting from HostGator.

Conclusion On Best Hosting For News Website / News Hosting Sites

web hosting for news website

If you’re still looking for the best news web hosting, then search no further, you can start using Bluehost for your news website. To enjoy awesome services, we highly recommend Hostgator and Namecheap. Click here and start using HostGator

Buy Namecheap Hosting here.

If you search for which hosting is best for news website on quora, you’ll find different answers, but we choose Bluehost, HostGator and Namecheap based on our personal experience.

Remember, our top recommended webhosting are Hostgator and Namecheap, they’re more affordable than Bluehost and we also find out that they’re more superior to Bluehost.

We hope you got good value from this article, kindly share this article about web hosting news platform with your friends looking to host their news website.

If you’re already using Bluehost, HostGator or Namecheap for your blog, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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